”The economy in the time of COVID-19” / short movie

  • Category: Film and documentary
  • Date: 19 Apr 2020

Full Cast & Crew

Director / Screen story: Andrej Dojkic
Dealer: Mario Valentic
Man: Andrej Dojkic          
Producers: Andrej Dojkic, Dario Bajurin
Production Companies: Eastwood Vision, Opis film, Embrio production
Director of Photography: Dario Bajurin
Editing: Dario Bajurin
Sound Director, Sound Designer, Dialog Editor: Dario Domitrovic

Short story by Andrej Dojkic

”Fuck it man, you know how it is, until the government doesn’t fix this.

The mask, give me the mask.”

Director Statement:
In the Western world, the psychology behind the panic-buying of toilet paper during this pandemic is still not entirely clear. All this toilet paper will not stop us from contracting the virus, but having it all at home probably does help give us a sense of security, a certain calmness. Perhaps people believe that it will absorb the value of currency, having its own exchange value, if the global market were to collapse in on itself…..

The economy in the time of the COVID-19

Category: Short

Status: Completed
Release Dates: 30 March 2020
Official site: www.eastwoodvision.com
Social networks: Eastwood Vision instagram Eastwood Vision Instagram | Eastwood Vision Facebook
Comapny Credits: Eastwood Vision, Opis Film, Embrio Production,

Technical Specs:
Runtime:1:36 sec
Sound Mix: 2.0. Stereo
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1:2.35