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Andrej Dojkic

Andrej Dojkic

Before graduating from Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Arts, he earned a degree in economics. During that time, he worked on numerous projects as an on-air producer at the RTL Television Croatia. Committed to his art, both as an actor on screen and on stage, he became a proponent of method acting, so throughout his acting career he never missed an opportunity to practically improve his skill by further studying the work of Konstantin Stanislavsky and Lee Strasberg. Passionate though he may be when it comes to acting performance, he has always perceived acting, movie directing and photography as parts of one whole. His urge to get involved in all aspects of filmmaking has always been too prominent as it stems from his appreciation of the storytelling potential this art from has, the myriad of possibilities he finds too alluring and powerful not to be explored. Inevitably, the time came for his directorial debut, a short film The Egg, which came as a personal reaction to an issue everybody faces at some point in their lives. At the moment, he is working on a feature-length film based on true events, and a documentary focused on certain subjects which are very rarely discussed, either on film or in the written form. In collaboration with Boris Krstinic he has developed a string of productions, auditions and projects, thus their new collaboration in the Eastwood Vision project comes as no surprise. Dojkic has also worked with a number of Croatian and international creative artists and performers on various creative projects, both in productions and post-productions.

Boris Krstinic

Boris Krstinic

Boris Krstinic, photographer and film cinematographer, author of four photography monographs. One of these, Dan kao godina (The Whole Year in One Day / Der Tag verging wie ein Jahr), about the Lonjsko polje nature park in central Croatia, was proclaimed the most beautiful book of 2006, and displayed at the Frankfurt Book Fair (Frankfurter Buchmesse). He was also a terrestrial photographer for the Marine Atlas of Bahrain, and his work has been published in several editions of the National Geographic magazine. From 2000 to 2004, he was the director and the cinematographer at the Eko-Eho program produced by the Croatian national television (HRT), and mainly dealing with environmental issues. As a full member of the Croatian Biospeleological Society (HBSD), he is using photography to promote conservation efforts of subterranean fauna, both in Croatia and elsewhere. He also served as director of photography of the short film Stvar ukusa (A Matter of Taste), directed by Costa Ipsa, which won the best short film award at the Heart of England International Film Festival in 2009.

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